Are you a creator? Protect your work
Let us help you get your business off the ground

Are you a creator? Protect your work
Let's take the guesswork out of your contracts!
your intellectual property is yours – make sure it stays yours.

If you are a creator, there are a variety of legal implications you must consider.  Whatever it is you produce—a song, a film, a poem, a collection of photography—it's important to protect it, especially considering all the time, energy, and resources you invested.  Plus, as a creator, you'll be required to navigate the messy business of contracts.  But you don't have to do it alone—an entertainment lawyer can assist you!

Entertainment law is a mix of more traditional categories of law with a focus on providing legal services to the entertainment industry. It covers an area of law that involves media of all types—TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, Internet, news media, etc.—and stretches over various legal fields, including but not limited to intellectual property, labor and employment basics, and rights of privacy and publicity, not to mention the occasional foray into corporate law. Of course, entertainment attorneys are under strict confidentiality to protect a client's creativity.

What Aanic Legal can do for you:

  • We can handle licensing issues and copyright protection.
  • We can provide legal advice, counsel, and representation to artists, employees, companies, and individuals involved in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, music, publishing, theater, radio, television, and digital or multimedia entertainment by reviewing, negotiating, and drafting agreements and making sure parties honor their obligations.
  • We can also negotiate marketing and merchandising deals as well as other performance-oriented legal issues.
  • We believe all disputes can be amicably resolved without resorting to costly lawsuits. But if all reasonableness and fairness have not resolved a conflict, we can also assist our clients through mediation or by commencing court proceedings.

Recent Developments

Aruba Returns with its Fifth International Film Festival

and will introduce a new international film market to the region. 

ORANJESTAD: From October 7-11, the island of Aruba will once again host filmmakers and film enthusiasts from around the world during its annual Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF).  Sponsored by the Aruba Tourism Authority, the AIFF has helped strenghthen the island’s position as a mecca for tourism, art and culture. 

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