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Are you a creator? Protect your work
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Business Establishment and Regulations

The Aruban Ordinance on the Establishment of Businesses states that to establish and maintain a business in Aruba, a business license is required. Other types of licenses, such as a director’s license, may also be needed. 

What Aanic Legal can do for you:

  • We can advise you on the process of obtaining a business license or other types of licenses, and if so desired, file the petition on your behalf.
  • We can advise you on all other legal aspects you should consider before starting a business in Aruba. 

Redomiciliation of Businesses

Corporate redomiciliation is the process by which a company moves its domicile from one jurisdiction to another by changing the country under whose laws it is registered or incorporated while maintaining the same legal identity. Companies redomicile for a variety of reasons, including to take advantage of more favorable tax laws or less stringent regulatory provisions. 

What Aanic Legal can do for you:

  • We can advise and assist your company with the process of corporate redomiciliation to and from Aruba.

Recent Developments

Aruba Returns with its Fifth International Film Festival

and will introduce a new international film market to the region. 

ORANJESTAD: From October 7-11, the island of Aruba will once again host filmmakers and film enthusiasts from around the world during its annual Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF).  Sponsored by the Aruba Tourism Authority, the AIFF has helped strenghthen the island’s position as a mecca for tourism, art and culture. 

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