Are you a creator? Protect your work
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Are you a creator? Protect your work
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Who We Are?

Aanic Legal Services, Trademarks & Consultancy N.V. (“Aanic Legal”) is a boutique law firm located in Aruba, dedicated to providing quality service and legal expertise to all domestic and foreign clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law and Entertainment Law in the Dutch Caribbean.

Whether your business is just starting or is already well established, the personal attention that Aanic Legal provides is unique. We provide quality service by catering to the specific needs of each of our clients in a professional and knowledgeable manner while offering personal and prompt service.

Our attorneys-at-law and consultants regularly attend courses, seminars and webinars on the subjects of our two main practice areas, Intellectual Property Law and Entertainment Law, because we believe that legal expertise is achieved by knowledge of the law and continuous education.

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What We Do?

We focus on two main areas of law, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law, because that is what we love to do and what we do best!

We take the time to understand our clients business and its goals so that we can offer the best strategy to ensure maximum protection at affordable prices. We guide clients through the process of registering and protecting their rights, in Aruba and in the rest of the Dutch Caribbean. We also assist our clients in resolving various disputes with their counterparts through arbitration or litigation.

In addition to our Intellectual Property Law practice, we provide our legal services and expertise to artists, employees, companies, and individuals in the entertainment industry, including the fields of theatre, television and radio, film, and music. We can draft, negotiate and review contracts for our clients to ensure that their interests are well protected and that the contracts are fair. We believe all disputes can be amicably resolved without resorting to costly lawsuits. But if all reasonableness and fairness has not resolved a conflict, we can also assist our clients through mediation or by commencing court proceedings.

What Advantages We Have?

Thanks to our continuous education in Intellectual Property Law as well as our good relationships with the local government authorities and the Bureau of Intellectual Property of Aruba, we ensure that we are fully up-to-date with the latest regulations and policies which may possibly affect the interests and decisions of our clients.

Unlike a large firm, in which a client can be merely a number, we approach our clients with understanding and in a personal manner. We offer our clients fair rates so that we can offer the best value for money. We use fixed fees where possible, which helps clients to manage budgets in advance, without having to settle for less than adequate legal protection.

Why Choose Us?

We attach equal importance to the interests of clients, whether they are individuals, small and medium-sized entities, or large companies. We treat our clients with respect, fairness and with dignity under all circumstances.

We understand and research our clients’ business and then design the best structures and solutions for them in protecting their interests.


We make it our priority to provide prompt and high quality legal service.

Recent Developments

Aruba Returns with its Fifth International Film Festival

and will introduce a new international film market to the region. 

ORANJESTAD: From October 7-11, the island of Aruba will once again host filmmakers and film enthusiasts from around the world during its annual Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF).  Sponsored by the Aruba Tourism Authority, the AIFF has helped strenghthen the island’s position as a mecca for tourism, art and culture. 

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